PARADISE KITTY - All Girl Guns 'n Roses Tribute!

PARADISE KITTY - All Girl Guns 'n Roses Tribute!

PARADISE KITTY - All Girl Guns 'n Roses Tribute!

PARADISE KITTY - All Girl GnR Tribute Act...

These BAD ASS BABES are ready to kick in your door !
Blow your roof off !
Start a riot and vandalize your hearts!
We’re here in West Hollywood and have the pleasure of speaking with Jenna Syde (singer) and Rachael Rine (drummer) who are part of the world’s premier ALL GIRL tribute to Guns ’n Roses, PARADISE KITTY.


TTS:- Hi ladies and welcome to The TRIBUTE Show from Australia….

Jenna:-  Hello thank you for having us.

Rachael:-  Hi Australia!

TTS:- Great play on your band name. What made you choose it ?

Rachael:-  It was just one of those off the cuff ideas. One of the original potential members wanted us to use “Huns n’ Roses”  which was a horrible idea so I had to put my foot down and come up with something cool and fitting really quick.

TTS:- How long have PARADISE KITTY been together ?

Rachael:-  Jenna and I have been working on this project for three years with a number of different talented female musicians.

TTS:- Can you let our fans and viewers know who the other ROCK CHICKS are in your awesome band ?

Jenna:-  At the moment we have Ariel Bellvalaire on lead guitar, Nikki Stevens on bass, and Emily Ruvidich on rhythm guitar.

Rachael:-  That is our main lineup currently.  However, when you use the best of the best, sometimes schedules conflict and they aren’t always available.   We have an amazing list of honorary kittens that play with us from time to time.  We are truly lucky to frequently share the stage with some of the best female musicians out there.

TTS:- Over the last few years we’ve seen a huge increase in ALL female tribute bands performing and paying tribute to artists like Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC, even UFO! 

What is your opinion on this rise in popularity?

Rachael:-  About damn time! What took them so long?

Jenna:-  Well of course we love that. Who doesn't want to see beautiful women rocking your favorite songs on stage.

TTS:- Awesome! So what is the most requested song at your shows?

Jenna:-  Guns N' Roses has a huge fan base of die hard fans.  We get a lot of requests for some of their more obscure songs. The one I've gotten most is “My Michelle” which is usually always in our set, but of course we tend to stick to the hits in order to please the masses.

TTS:- Do you perform any songs from the Chinese Democracy album?

Rachael:-  We haven’t yet, but you never know what will happen at a Paradise Kitty show!  We like to keep a few surprises under our kitten collars.   I really dig the song “Better” off that album.

TTS:- Have you ever met or had any current or past members of Guns ’n Roses come to any of your shows?

Jenna:-  We have met them and in fact we play with Dizzy Reed's side band Hookers & Blow whenever he is in California. We also just played Ultimate Jam Night at the Whiskey A Go Go with Steven Adler.  Members of Slash's band The conspirators have also sat in and played with us.

Rachael:-  Don’t forget Adler’s Appetite too.  A few of Steven’s former band members have sat in with us as well.  We always have our rock star friends join us on stage and we especially love when it’s someone from the extended Gn’R camp.   We are also very grateful that the OG Gn’R guys dig what we do.  Slash is a fan!

TTS:- Is this your main band or do you also have multiple bands/projects as well?

Jenna:-  We each have other projects.

TTS:- What has been your most memorable show or performance?

Jenna:-  My favorite performances are always our performances on the Monsters of Rock cruise. That boat is one huge party on the sea for a week and the fans are so fantastic!

Rachael:-  Agreed!  Monsters of Rock Cruise turns into a big Rock n’ Roll pirate ship!  Once you try it, you’ll be hooked for life.  Worth every shilling you’ll spend out of your pirate booty.

TTS:- We can’t wait to show Australia your fantastic tribute on The TRIBUTE Show. Have you ever been to Australia or have any plans for a tour here ?

Rachael:-  We would love to bring the kittens down under.  There’s talk of maybe something happening in 2018.  Fingers crossed!  Stay tuned on social media for updates.

TTS:- Before we sign off is there anything you want to tell our Australian fans ?

Jenna:-  We love you and can't wait to rock for you all soon.

Rachael:-  All of my touring friends always say Australia is the best place to play. I’m astounded by the amount of emails and support we get from down under without having stepped foot on your soil.  You Aussies are some serious rock n’ rollers!  I love it and I can’t wait to come party with you all first hand!

TTS:- Thank you so much for your time Jenna and Rachael. The TRIBUTE Show in Australia wishes your band Paradise Kitty continued success, and let’s hope to see you here in Australia soon!

Rachael:-  Thank you for having us!  Hopefully we’ll see you soon!


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