POISON 'US - Australian POISON Show !

POISON 'US - Australian POISON Show !




POISON 'US - Poison Tribute Act...

With Classics like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - "Nothin But A Goodtime" - "Unskinny Bop" and more,  we are joined by the and only Matty Bee, AKA ‘Aussie Brett’, from Australia’s only POISON tribute band “Poison'Us” in New South Wales, Australia.

TTS:- Hi Matty and welcome to The TRIBUTE Show !

MB:- Thanks for having me!

TTS:- We love the name. Who came up with it and what made you choose it ?

MB:- Our name came from wanting to incorporate the actual word “Poison” but the “Us” refers to the 4 of us in the show! So we all felt it was perfect!

TTS:- We notice that you also do BRET MICHAELS’ solo material in your show, how has the audience embraced it ?

MB:- We actually don’t do any Bret Michaels solo songs but what we do occasionally is songs off the album Poison’D which was a compilation of covers Poison recorded. Bret does incorporate these at times in his Bret Micheals Band Show.
As to the Audience they love to hear well known tunes that they can react to and rock along with so they work well.

TTS:- Have any of the POSION members reached out to you as your the only POISON tribute in Australia ?

MB:- This question is one I’d like to not answer in detail, however I will say I have had contact from the band and they are very aware of our show!

TTS:- Over the last year we have noticed the TRIBUTE scene in Australia has really picked up with major tours of many different TRIBUTE artists from overseas touring Australia.
What is your opinion on that?

MB:- I love it - Live Music needs to be heard and being here in Australia we don’t really get the regular shows or tours of major artists due to our distance! Having Tribute shows that accurately replicate the shows they represent is not easy, and to see shows that have gotten every aspect right is always well received by the fans! It’s respected if it’s right and the music is available to be heard live.

TTS:- Who and what were your influences which made you become a vocalist ?

MB:- Without question Paul Stanley is my number one - always has been always will be. Kiss are my favourite band hands down.I however dont sing in the same area as Paul and am a definite Baritone with my vocal style! Poison came into my world in 1986 and i was hooked! Bret has always been an inspiration for me  and I had an uncanny likeness to him so it all developed from there!
Other musical influences would be Motley Crüe, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi so you can see I’m a true 80s Rock Child.

TTS:- Whats your favourite song you like playing live?

MB:- The song that gets the best response is Every Rose, but I always feel a huge lift in the crowd when we start Fallen Angel. So I’d say those two are the best crowd wise.
I personally like doing Talk Dirty To Me - it’s such a killer song with some good punch and fun lyrics! So that would be my pick.

TTS:- We see that your starting to tour interstate more, especially in Melbourne.
What has that been like?

MB:- Fantastic!!! we are well known and well respected in Melbourne! Our fan base is the biggest there and to say we love it would be an understatement - we just can’t wait for our Melbourne Shows and to rock with our Melbourne fans! We are also playing in Adelaide early 2018 along with Queensland Shows throughout next year. We head to Canberra in two weeks so our show is National, we love to tour our cities to bring Poison to the people!!

TTS:- Whats the strangest things thats happened on stage or on tour?

MB:- What happens on tour stays on tour (haha) But we haven’t had anything really stand out outside of the usual Titty Flashers!
However I usually try to make the guys laugh with our own inside joke during the intro to Let It Play! I always change it up and rap in some fun sentences that at times has had us all in hysterics!!!! It’s our thing but we love it!

TTS:- Who are your favourite TRIBUTE bands firstly in Australia and Overseas?

MB:- In Australia I can’t go past our Melbourne Brothers The Australian Bon Jovi Show & Def Repplica. We owe a lot of our interstate success to those two incredible Tribute Shows.
I also love Kissteria The Australian Kiss Show and have a huge respect for Killer Queen, Appetite For Destruction, The Australian Guns n Roses Show to name a few!
Internationally there are many but some that come to mind are - Atomic Punks, Paradise Kitty, Fan Halen, Helles Belles, Raiding The Rock Vault.


TTS:- We played your on our TV Show to great reviews. We can’t wait to have you guys again on the show and a sit down interview.
But before we sign off is there anything you want to tell your Australian & even overseas fans ?

MB:- A Big thanks for the support. We plan to continue to tour and take the show to as many cities as is possible. We are planning on some overseas tours that we are excited about! Most importantly is to keep supporting live music, it’s very much appreciated and we as bands simply cannot keep doing what we do without full venues!!
It’s Nothing But A Damn Goodtime!!


TTS:- Thank you so much for your time Matty. The TRIBUTE Show in Australia wishes yourself and your ASS kicking band Poison'Us more success , and looking forward to catching up with you again.

MB:- Again much appreciated and thank you The Tribute Show for your support!!


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