Behind the Scenes of Chris Van Dahl’s Second Life…

Behind the Scenes of Chris Van Dahl’s Second Life…

Behind the Scenes of Chris Van Dahl’s Second Life

Chris VanDahl - Legends In Concert ( Steven Tyler )

“That’s the Great thing about life… Do Overs…”

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Chris Van Dahl first started making a name for himself at the ripe old age of 11. Almost immediately after reaching double digits, Van Dahl began assembling neighborhood kids in local basements where a motley group would hold band practice.

“I grew up in a place where there wasn’t much to do but music,” says the born-to-be rocker on his early years as a musician.

Initially Van Dahl held aspirations of playing guitar in his neighborhood band; however, upon coming to the realization that he “sucked at that,” Van Dahl was thrust behind the microphone — a position where he still finds himself most comfortable today.

As Van Dahl’s vocal skills progressed, he slowly began to make his way out of suburban basements and into the spotlight of local bars where he played with a Circuit cover band, Tricks Banshee.

Eventually, after a brief stint with Tricks Banshee, Van Dahl left the group and moved to Los Angeles where he formed the underground Glam Metal act, Cherry Street, with the help of Tom Mathers (Parrish records) in the early 1990’s.

Although Cherry Street was eventually picked up by JRS/BMG records following the devolvement of the L.A. glam rock music scene, the group split and Van Dahl brought his talent to L.A. Guns in 1995, before ever releasing an album with Cherry Street.

During his time with L.A. Guns, Van Dahl recorded vocals on the band’s 1996 release, American Hardcore, and accompanied the band on its promotional tour before calling it quits in 1997.
Following his estrangement from L.A. Guns, Van Dahl experimented with short-lived side projects such as Love/ Hate and The Vow but still found little success. Growing frustrated with the “bureaucracy, bullshit, and red-tape” lining the industry, Van Dahl decided to take a break from the music scene and make a drastic move back to Michigan.

“Even moving to the edge of the planet, trying to get away from what it is I do, I found myself doing it,” says Van Dahl.

After several years on a 500-acre spread, literally living in the woods cracking carrots and feeding deer out his back window, Van Dahl decided it was time to give the music industry another go.

In early 2000, he joined forces with former Kid Rock guitarist, Ken Olson, and began a project known as Pack of Wolves. Around the same time, Van Dahl began commencing work on the debut album for Pack of Wolves, he received a phone call from Neal Shelton inviting him to join an Aerosmith Tribute band, PUMP.

Although Van Dahl was initially hesitant to commit to PUMP, he found himself persuaded by Shelton, and, after a bit of negotiation he opted to revamp the lineup, switch the group name to Aeromyth and spearhead the former PUMP group under the premise that “this band wants to be the greatest Aerosmith Tribute band that’s ever existed.”

Once Van Dahl’s changes were implemented, Aeromyth went from playing $50 a night gigs to $15k corporate shows all over the world, propelling the group into stardom. After several successful years on the road, Van Dahl brought the act to Las Vegas where he later left to join The Jimmy Crespo Project with Aerosmith’s Jimmy Crespo.

While performing with the Jimmy Crespo Project, Van Dahl was offered a position as Steven Tyler in the Vegas Show, Legends in Concert. Van Dahl accepted the opportunity and has been performing with Legends for more than a year. In addition to working with Legends, Van Dahl has also begun work on a book discussing his life, work, and professional experiences impersonating Steven Tyler.
“It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am,” says Van Dahl.

To catch Van Dahl live in concert check out performers/chris-van-dahl-steven-tyler/, and be sure to stay tuned to the 3dot YouTube channel, thefutureofart, for exclusive interviews with Van Dahl himself.

Written by Chelsea Rutledge, Photography by Scott Smallin.




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