Chrome Dragon - The 80s Glam Rock Show

Chrome Dragon - The 80s Glam Rock Show

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80s Glam Rock

Ladies and Gentlemen let’s take a trip back, back to the decade of decadence, a time when rock ‘n’ roll was sexy!
Yes it’s the Eighties, where the Chicks were Chicks and Dudes looked like Chicks.
Where big hair, big guitar solos, big voices, and bigger egos ruled rock and roll.
Where the bands screamed to the masses “what do you wanna do with your life????” And the masses screamed back “I wanna rock!”
Now you can relive all the fun and hard rockin’ glamour, Blow your mind to the greatest 80’s Glam rock hits of all time.

Performed by the Awesomest band in the land, straight from the sunset strip, it’s the mighty “CHROME DRAGON”.

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A fantastic show, a real Rock of Ages meets Steel Panther combo, Amazing Vocalist, excellent band anyone who can pull off Van Halen's Dreams , Journey's Don't Stop believing note perfect in the original keys! Thant is something special.